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RE: [IP] Ticked off at MiniMed

I got a call from Minimed rep yesterday - They had heard that I had selected
another brand.  He spent 30 minutes trying to fill my eras with FUD ( Fear
uncertainty and doubt ) - 

I told him one BIG reason I decided against them was the customer service.

He then proceeded to threaten that they were the only ones with CGMS
technology and that I would be left behind - I mentioned that I knew of at
least 3 companies testing CGMS - He then said he would send me a link to the
FDA statement that the Freestyle navigator had been pulled by the FDA and
that Abbott was told to "start all over "  When I asked him to back up his
words with the link he didn't send it and I couldn't find any note of it in
the web.  

He also told me that his was the only customer service that was answered by
humans 24x7 and asked if I had called to test the various companies - I told
him he was wrong and that no company will talk to a "fake customer" they
immediately ask for name and serial number to pull up your file ... 

When I pushed him to back up his statements he was unable to provide proof
for most of them.  

Anyway the point of all this is there are far too many examples of MM doing
this to customers.  The capper is when they call to try to strong arm you
into changing your mind.


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Well its now been about a month and still no supplies have come.  I am 
almost ready to go with another company or go off the pump.

They said.  We called and left messages.  and then gave out a number.  I 
told them  I have never had that number.  and also told them that every 
time I called them I gave them my phone number which is always with me.

I have about  a weeks worth of stuff if I am lucky.

getting ticked off this holiday season 
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