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[IP] Switching back to syringes!

Perhaps the poster was young.  My husband used to have incredible fears 
about being 'discovered' when he got his pump, but he isn't as crazy as he 
used to be.

When he first started using the glucose meter he said if the police stopped 
him--why would the police stop him and do a body search, I wonder--they 
might think he was a drug addict from all the track marks in his upper arm.

I thought he was nuts!!!

We, too, have been on insulin too long to be able to maintain good control 
without a pump and we also have a chronic infected mastoid plus are on 500 
mg of Cipro and Cipro drops sometimes which throw a monkey wrench into our 
monitoring A1C score.

My husband has hair on his tum-tum so I don't see any scars.  I guess if you 
were a young svelte female scarring might be an issue.  Stretch marks after 
pregnancy are a lot more visible than a few white pinpricks in my opinion.

One young lady at a meeting of pumpers said she always put the sets in on 
her sides and back so she never saw any white pinpricks.  That might be a 

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