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[IP] Re: Abdominal Pain and pump removal: LANTUS

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for info on the distened
abdomen etc.
I have had to remove the pump as insertion is just to painful at this point
as my skin is even very sensitive.
I have returned to Lantus at 45 units per day in the evening and Novolog to
cover meal carbs.
I lost my old prescribed routine for Lantus and Novo does this sound about
45 units of Novo
ave. of 15 prior to each meal and corrections as needed.
I have used my thighs as sites as well as the abdomen.  I would like to try
the hip thing but how do you see where to put it and how do you sit and not
catch is on everything?
Thanks again.  My Endo's office is closed until the first and his coverage
is only for emergency needs.
They don't consider this an emergency.
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