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RE: [IP] searching for soul mate

Where4 are you!?
I am just about in your age group,
never been married, pumper since 1999
Chef at a major university in Cambridge Mass
enjoying life to the fullest by going to the mountains during off time
I teach Culinary arts at a Voc School as a fill in and have done some 
volunteer work for Hospice
Live on the North shore of Boston 100 feet from the ocean, and have been 
called a hopeless romantic.

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>Subject: [IP] searching for soul mate
>Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 09:03:14 EST
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>I am a single 30 year old registered nurse that has been diabetic since 
>  been pumping since 2002.  currently have paradigm 512.  love it.  its 
>  to find a guy that understands diabetes and how the pump works. i have 
>come to
>the conclusion that the only man that could understand me is another
>diabetic.  My perfect potential hubby would have to have these:
>never been married and no children
>diabetic a must!
>be within the age of 28-36
>enjoy life
>want a committed relationship
>Looking for a companion and not a mother or housekeeper.
>these are just a few of the qualities i am seeking in a potential hubby 
>i feel will be my soul mate.
>danielle from virginia
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