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RE: [IP] searching for soul mate

Danielle and Cynthia

There are people out there like you describe - They are just hard to find.

For example - I think I meet most of Danielle's requirements except 3 - I'm
over 40, was married for 11 years and I don't like cleaning and don't do it
well.  But I compensate by hiring a housekeeper.  You mentioned hard
working, been at the same job for 8 years and run at least 2 side
businesses. That means that I don't get out much.  Which goes back to the
just hard to find comment.  Its funny most people at work think I'm married
- When I asked why they thought that they said I "act married".  I'm not
sure what that means but Ill take it as a compliment, even though it doesn't
help with finding dates.

While we are on the subject - What's with women wearing fake rings ?  I have
a great deal of respect for people relationships and wouldn't think of
"talking" to a woman who was wearing a ring, what that means is that either
the women are NOT interested in a relationship or are only interested in
meeting men with no respect for relationships.  Then they wonder why all the
men the meet are well... jerks...  

Ok Rant off...


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 Too funny, I mean I know you did not mean it to be funny, but you are
describing the type of man that every straight woman would want. Do they
exist??? I think that they are all taken. Hey, wait till you are my age
(50), it
gets even harder. I have not had a date in years! I am funny, educated, make
very good salary, petite, like to clean, cook, love animals, show dogs, have
children, enjoy sex and can be creative, play guitar, follower of Christ,
own my
own home, love yardwork, drive a MINI (means I am cool..lol), anyway, I
even get a look! Oh well, it's OK...someday I will meet someone and you will
too, Danielle. Blessings Cynthia

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I am a single 30 year old registered nurse that has been diabetic since
been pumping since 2002. currently have paradigm 512. love it. its hard 
to find a guy that understands diabetes and how the pump works. i have come
the conclusion that the only man that could understand me is another 
diabetic. My perfect potential hubby would have to have these:
never been married and no children
diabetic a must!
be within the age of 28-36
enjoy life 
want a committed relationship
Looking for a companion and not a mother or housekeeper.
these are just a few of the qualities i am seeking in a potential hubby that

i feel will be my soul mate. 

danielle from virginia
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