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Re: [IP] searching for soul mate

AMEN!! Danielle I am 33 yrs old never married no children I have dated
some that I thought were THE ONE and found out they were not.. I used to
pray for God to send me my soul mate and I guess I gave up I have not
prayed that for a while. I have also been told " it will happen when you
least expect it" well I have been least expecting it for a long long time
and still here I am a single woman I have a good job, I am a  hard worker
I own my own home, do yard work clean house even do windows some of the
time.. I tend to put myself last and everyone else before me. I would
like to have children. I am hoping my soul mate takes me for who I am,
and love me for me. along with my diabetes... I would want him to be
caring, loving, fun, honest, energetic, has to be able to make me

Any takers?????? LOL

>From: "LINDA MEYER" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
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searching for soul mate >Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 10:22:47 -0500 > >Insulin
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here to give you hope!  When I was 21 I had my >one and only relationship
with the father of my son.  It was a very, >very long 14 years before I
met my husband.  I just got married at the >age of 41.  And he was worth
the wait.  Just prior to meeting him, I >would pray at night that I would
meet someone, but I want the right >someone because I have already done
the wrong one.  And if God couldn't >send the right one, then not to send
anyone.  Another point that might >be helpful - my husband was an
acquaintance that I had known for about a >year (we worked at the same
place part-time) - just hadn't thought of >him that way until our boss
did some matchmaking of her own.  So, you >never know! > > >>>
email @ redacted 12/22/2004 9:39:25 AM >>> >  Too funny, I mean I know
you did not mean it to be funny, but you are >describing the type of man
that every straight woman would want. Do >they >exist??? I think that
they are all taken. Hey, wait till you are my age >(50), it >gets even
harder. I have not had a date in years! I am funny, educated, >make a >.
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