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[IP] Insurance and monthly supplies

I continue to inch my way (or centimetre my way here in Canada) towards 
getting on the pump and recently made my own contact with my company's 
health insurance company.
The e-mail reply was positive, that I could be eligible for coverage, 
but the response was written in a very formal way yet full of what I 
take to be insurance jargon.
I had asked about what supplies they covered and I listed such things 
as infusion sets, of course, but also cartridges, maintenance parts 
like battery covers, O-rings, etc.
The reply was they cover infusion sets and batteries. That's it.
My question concerns cartridges. For the pumps that use them, do you 
not change cartridges when you change infusion sets?
If so, does the term "infusion set" include a cartridge?
That way, cartridges would be indirectly covered by way of being 
included in an "infusion set."
Also, I was looking at the Animas IR1200 and the Canadian company that 
supplies it here listed the ezManager software as a separate line on 
the price sheet, and it was fairly pricey I must say.
I included that in my list of do-you-cover questions to my insurance 
company and again, the response came back infusion sets and batteries, 
that's it.
My question is, when you order a pump, what compan's include the full 
set of accessories in the package, such as software etc. and which, if 
any, require that you order such things separately?

Thanks, and happy holiday's everyone
Nigel Armstrong
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