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Re: [IP] Re: Abdominal pain and distention

In a message dated 12/21/04 8:29:38 PM, email @ redacted writes:
> Anyone have experience of a couple of weeks of rather serious abdominal
> distention?  Not only that but pain, nausea and no desire for food?  I feel
> as though I can't eat another bite even after a very meager meal of chicken
> soup (Progresso's), or a scrambled egg and one piece of toast I feel as
> though I have had a giant meal.  I also have heartburn after anything.
> The problem seems to resolve if I stay on liquid drinks for a few days.

Sounds like gastroparesis to   me.   In fact, most of the most common
symptoms of gastroparesis.   If you haven't had one, your
should run a gastric emptying study to confirm the diagnosis along with your
symptoms.   Not that there are a lot of treatment options right now in the
for the condition.   I order my gastroparesis meds - Motillium/Domperidone
Canada.   Another on this list orders hers from England.   (It is not
available here.)   Reglan can help the reflux, but not the food movement.
I've heard
some say they have tried Zelnorm, but my doc advised against it as
gastroparesis is not it's prescribed function.   I have lived with
gastroparesis for a
long time and bet you'll want to talk to your doc soon about some sort of

~ Michelle ~
Sequim, WA
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