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[IP] Quick serter and Quick sets!

Make sure the adhesive part of the quick set is not touching the sides of 
the serter.  That should help.  I've used my serter for 2 years and 10 
months, with about 3 changes a week.  I think it's working about the same as 
originally.  The spring might deteriorate in time, but I haven't noticed 
that mine has.  I insert the set on my husband's tummy.  I think inserting 
your own would be trickier, but lots of people do it.

I did notice that the adhesive area of the tape would stick on the inside of 
the serter when we first got the sets and serter, but I thought that the 
people may have reduced the size of the adhesive circle so that it fits in 
the serter better.

You don't have older sets do you?  They might be too large for the serter.

Anyway, best of luck!  If you have new sets and the spring is working fine, 
just be careful that the set is correctly positioned from the start.

I'm kind of a klutz.  Acutally, I'm a real klutz so I'm amazed that I've 
done so well with the serter and quicksets.  I didn't like the softsets at 
all at all.  I did one of those and then a second and then, I muffed the 
second insert.  All that taping was for the birds, too.

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