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[IP] Which pump to get?

I've got a Minimed 511 and had a Minimed 508 before it for a year.  My 
husband is 58 and has been diabetic since May of 1978.

If I were you I'd find a used pump for free somewhere and wait until the new 
sentinels have come out before buying a real state of the art set-up.  I'd 
be much happier if we had continuous glucose monitoring.  You could just 
look at the dial and see if the blood sugar level is going up or down.  I 
have more trouble with elevated blood sugars than with falling blood sugars.

I like that "super bolus" that someone thought up, too.  I just did one on 
my husband's pump because he hit 15 X 18 or 270.  If I could have watched 
the clock so to speak I'd have known he was going up and been able to react 
more quickly.

Exercise? Vs Tourtiere & Pizza?  Will he go high or low?  That's always such 
a hard question to figure out.

Can you get a three month trial on current pumps to see what you'd like?  We 
were shown the Animas and the minimed 508 and went with minimed mostly 
because the company had a track record and were upgrading us to a 511 when 
it got approval from Health Canada.

I have no kicks with Minimed Canada at all.  I do find the little cap that 
holds the battery in gets stuck sometimes on the 511.  It's a real job to 
loosen sometimes.  But that's a small gripe.

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