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[IP] PocketPC & Carb Databases

Mark Wrote:
  For my New Year's Resolution,  I am finally making the long overdue 
change from using a fixed bolus amount with a correction scale, to 
counting carbs and using the appropriate bolus amount.  Can anyone 
recommend a good program with an expanded database of carbohydrate 
counts in various foods, including fast foods (a program which I can 
use on my PDA in Pocket PC format)?

Ricardo Responds:
Mark, being on the PocketPC platform you have  at least one of the 
handicaps for diabetes data management since the Palm Platform has so 
many more options. I share your handicap along with a second handicap 
of being on the Mac platform.

For the Pocket PC try www.twopeaks.com where you can find Personal 
Health & Diet Manager. It has a decent database to tell you the 
calories, carbs, fat, protein & fiber in different foods. If you are 
going to count carbs you might as well count calories since they are 
usually in the same database and will tally without any extra effort. 
You put in your height, weight, gender and age and it will calculate 
how many calories you need to lose or maintain your weight.  It also 
has a commercial link to select from its database of fast foods. The 
database is editable so you can add your own foods.It includes the 
option of entering any exercise you do and will subtract  its energy 
expenditure from your daily caloric needs. There is a Windows desktop 
version that allows you to sync with the Pocket PC.

It isn't a bad program but I have written to the authors to make it 
more useful to diabetics. I wish it would total all the items you eat 
in a meal to tell you the total carbs as well as the carbs in each 
item. The program is usually rated very highly each year by Pocket PC 

CalorieKing does total the carbs in a meal. CalorieKing.com also has a 
PPC version of its software but I did not like how the handheld version 
worked. With a WiFi enabled PPC or GSM/ GPRS card you can wirelessly 
link to calorieking.com and use the full featured web version.

Dx'd 1967, Pumping since 1/14/2004 w/ Animas IR1000 and since 7/2/2004 
w/ the Animas IR1200
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