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[IP] Pump and Lows!

I'd agree with you completely on the lows and the highs.  I'm sure one 
doctor (not an endo) told us our HbA1C was 16 and waved his hands above his 
head and said, "WooooWhoo!!!!"

I've never been too good at numbers (teehee) but I now take that to mean 
that we were off the charts!

Despite that HbA1, we still had many breath-stopping lows--I mean lows so 
low my husband was unconcious, was convulsing, had to have glucagon 
administered, and so on and so forth.

We've gone from the ridiculous to the sublime:  I have had a few highs 
especially when my husband's infected mastoid was undiagnosed, but we have 
not had a heart-stopping low in nearly 3 years.  Nothing that 5 glucose tabs 
haven't fixed and my husband has never been so far gone that he can't chew 
up the tabs and get back on course.

I don't know!  Could multiple injections do it for my husband?  I doubt it.  
He goes too high at night especially on Cipro and too low during the day.  
Sometimes when he's working I have to give him extra carbs that I never 

An ilnsulin pump with all its care and feeding stimulates my brain and keeps 
me young. (laugh)

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