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[IP] Re: IP] Deltec Comes Through In A Pinch!-They did for me

IP'ers (and Sue, too)
It was the very experience of people here on IP that made me ask about 
same-day delivery in the first place! And until this last episode, we 
have had nothing but 100% satisfaction with Deltec & Smith's.  Even 
though we've had problems with 5 pumps, we, and more importantly our 
son, love the Deltec pump.  It was kind of surprising to hear the "We 
don't do that" response when I knew it was so, and I figured it was far 
easier to do than I guess it is.  I would be among the first to tell 
everyone that Sue's experience is much more the norm than mine.

I'll even tell you that when we switched to the CozMonitor our rep, 
who's a pumper himself, drove all the way up from the cities just to 
program our son's pump and teach him how to use the CozMonitor.  That is 
the standard of service that defines Deltec much, much more than the 
last incident...and that's why I made sure to say, they did indeed come 

OBTW, pump's 1 & 2 had cracked screens; 3 had the translucent 
case/bright sunshine anomaly; 4 & 5 had software glitches.


>Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 10:53:03 -0500
>From: "chattanoogasue" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IP] Deltec Comes Through In A Pinch!-They did for me
>This story of having to threaten to get Deltec to do the right thing was the 
>polar opposite of my experience and that of several others that have posted. 
>At 12:02 pm on Sunday of Memorial day weekend I called the 800 number and 
>reported a cosmetic type problem with my pump.  A very small piece of the 
>plastic that fits between the top button and the right button had chipped. 
>My Deltec rep had noticed it when she upgraded the software and said I 
>should get it replaced. Since we were going out of town for the weekend, I 
>did not call until Sunday when we were getting ready to return home. I 
>called thinking that would set the delivery in motion and I might get it 
>Monday but since it was a holiday, it would probably get here Tuesday. 
>Either day would be ok since it was not a critical problem. Before beginning 
>our 5 hour ride home, we took our children out to eat to celebrate our son's 
>birthday. During lunch, we got a phone call notifying us that my pump would 
>be delivered that night. It was coming in to Chattanooga on a 10 o'clock 
>flight. We had to leave right after eating to make it home in time. At 10:20 
>the door bell rang and I got my replacement pump. 10 hours and 18 minutes 
>from St. Paul, MN to Chattanooga. I have read several other posts lately 
>that have had identical experiences. I hope we are the norm not the 
>email @ redacted
>dx Type 1 1/2002
>Cozmo pumping since 1/2003
>CoZmore pumping & testing since 09/02/04
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