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Re: [IP] setting basals

 I am usually one to buck the system but being new to pumping I thought I would
let the Drs take the lead since they should know what they are doing! I asked my
CDE (also a PA, on a pump) about fasting. He told me that we could adjust it
based on the records I keep. I would probably not have to fast (yeah, in a
perfect world!) For 2 months I have done it their way. Sometimes I would be
instructed to change or add one more 2 basal settings in a day, sometimes they
would give a whole day of change! Having read this list for months prior to
pumping and reading a couple of books, I couldn't always make sense of why they
did what they did. This last checkup the Endo gave me a whole day of new
settings but told me I should feel comfortable managing this on my own (with
their input). I did as asked and changed everything, but after 2 days of high
blood sugars (they were almost worked out, IMHO, except night time) I went back
to the old settings and am slowly adding one of thei!
  r changes at a time, concentrating on the nightime first. I do eat
consistently, often the same things for months until this first basal pattern is
figured out.
 I don't have monthly hormone swings (almost 50, in 2 weeks, had a hysterectomy
in Sept), but am insulin resistant (5:1 carb ratio, 20 correction factor) I am
not afraid of testing (insurance gives me 300 strips per month & I have bought
my own when needed). My Endo did give me his version of how to accomplish the
fasting but I can't complete it with the night lows. He doesn't get my emails
and the PA/CDE is off through Jan 3.
 This list has so many good suggestions and words of encouragement. Maybe that
is what I want and need right now.
Betsy & Lil' Bit

> Regarding basal checking, I am amazed that your Dr./CDE have not helped
> to workout the night basal.  
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