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RE: [IP] not so fast

> Hurry up and wait. Sigh.  Any other type 2s run into this?

Hi Stacey, what is your A1C?  It is interesting to note that like a lot of
other "medical guidelines" that the numbers are becoming more conservative.
After DCCT the "Guideline" for "Good" was less than 7.5.  Then the ADA
lowered it to 7.0.  Now many Endocrine Societies are recommending 6.5.  I
was on MDI and running A1C's in the 7.5 - 8.0 range.  I entered into the
pump discussion as a way to improve on these numbers. (After the Pump, I am
now running in the 6.5 - 7.0 range).  

The problem for many diabetics is on the other side of the bell curve.  With
tighter control, comes the increased chance of driving our BG excessively
low.  There are studies on-going that are trying to quantify this
risk/reward equation.  But it is generally accepted that 6.2 is a good
target A1C, as this is the high end of Normal (Non-Diabetic People) yet
produces few low BG occurrences.  

The other "Big" benefit of pump therapy (the one the insurance companies
benefit from) is the reduction of Lows.  Particularly Lows that require
hospitalization.  (The elimination of a single ER incident will PAY for a

It sounds like your Endo/NP/CDE is just trying to build the best case for
their medical necessity letter.  I had my own issues with the insurance
company, but they began After my doctor wrote the RX.  

Type II Pumping 12/03 MM512
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