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RE: [IP] low-carb/high LDL

I would investigate the levels of trans fatty acids you are ingesting.  That
does raise the LDL levels.  Many foods have them hidden.  Unfortunately, the
new labeling law does not come into effect until late 2005/ 2006 that will
list trans fat.   The key is to note foods that contain "partially
hydrogenated" whatever... this means there is hidden fat.  This may not
fully explain your elevated LDL levels but can contribute to it.

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Hi, I have a question about cholesterol for the list.
I was diagnosed with type 1 back in April and have been managing my
diabetes with a low carb diet (60-75gr.cho/day), bolusing with a novolog
pen and using Lantus for my basal. My doc and DE wanted me to go straight
into carb counting because they think I should go on the pump when I get
adjusted to my new state :) Well, I'm doing fine. My last A1c was 5.7 but
my cholesterol seems to be an issue now. My triglycerides are low (50), my
HDL is high (80) which is good but my LDL is 200 which is making my doc
worried. I asked for 3 months to see what I can do without meds. I am 44
and in good shape (I walk every day). My blood pressure is normal,
weight's not an issue, etc. etc.
Ok, now the question: Has anyone else had problems with high LDL
cholesterol on a low carb diet? Thanks.
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