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Re: [IP] not so fast

At 12:15 PM 12/21/2004, email @ redacted wrote:
>Well, my excitement that the NP/CDE in the endo's office was going to put in 
>for a pump was a bit premature.  I just got off the phone with her, and she's 
>going to put me on one of those continuous glucose sensors on Jan. 12 to see 
>what my BG is doing on a 24 hour basis.  She's concerned that I"ll never get 
 >approvied since the results of an a1c and a fructosamine aren't so bad. My BG
 > results belie the test results, and she wonders if I'm bottoming out at
>times to account for the lower numbers on her tests.  I still thank that FBG 
>results of over 200 but crashing if I don't eat lunch should be enough, but 
>what do I know.
>Hurry up and wait. Sigh.  Any other type 2s run into this?

 As a Type 1 I ran into this. My A1c pre-pump was in the 5-range. My endo didn't
think I needed a pump because, in his mind, I was already in good control which
was confirmed by the A1c. However, my daily bgs ranged anywhere from 30 to 300
on a regular basis. I had always checked my bgs frequently because I could be
fine one minute and crashing low the next, so I graphed all my bgs for a few
days and my graphs looked like this /\/\/\/\/\/\/\. When my endo saw my bg
graphs, he quickly changed his mind, so while A1cs are good and have their place
in diabetes care, they do not tell the full story.

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