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[IP] outpatient surgery and meters, needing extra spouse

I had surgery on my wrist yesterday (DeQuervain), at a surgery center 
next to a hospital, with a local anasthesia.  I told them I was wearing 
a pump, and they knew enough to be reassured about my not needing a 
meal right then <gr.> (though the surgery was scheduled at 2, I had to 
arrive at noon).  Around 12:40, I got into my gown, but didn't let them 
take my purse, with my meter in it.  An hour and a half later, when 
they finally took me to surgery, the transporter nurse was very 
concerned about what to do about my unsanitary purse!  She was calmed 
down by another nurse, who pointed out that doctors often had bags they 
brought into the operating room, so they put my bag by the doctor's.  
LOL  I don't think it was probably the biggest contamination risk in 
that room, either.

I did have a husband out in the waiting room, but he has 2 injured 
ankles and is using crutches, so I was saving him for if I really 
needed him (a friend could have brought me, but he was insistent).  So, 
with my dominant hand all bandaged and held above my heart, and my 
other hand not in very good shape either, we could actually really use 
one of the prospective wives or husbands over here this week!

Linda Z
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