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[IP] setting basals


Regarding basal checking, I am amazed that your Dr./CDE have not helped
to workout the night basal.  That should have happened within the first
week of pumping and yes you should not 'need' a bedtime snack.  Your
basals should be set where you really could just skip any one meal
without any issue at all (off course, given that you are not sick or
have any changes from your normal basal days).  

The number one rule in basal adjustment is to make sure you only change
1 (ONE) thing at a time and test, test, test, test, test, test, test,
(get the point?). Based on my experience, get more than one day of
testing on each 1 (ONE) change.  Meaning, just because the first night
it worked or did not, I would still try the SAME setting (same one
change) the following night.  Also, keep in mind what time of the month
it is.  Many women see drastic variations of their basal and bolus needs
the weeks before the start of their period.  For me personally, my night
basals and morning bolus have to be upped 1.5 weeks  prior to start of
the period.  One last thing, keep your dinner meal consistent throughout
the testing and carb counting friendly (consistent = carb amount,
fat/protein amount, and time of the night.)  For example, I would not
have pizza or Chinese when I am doing basal testing since the amount of
fat in these meals do a number on my carb absorption and therefore,
would skew my basal testing.

It seems like you have your low really well pinpointed (12:30am to 1am).
I would check at 9:30pm, 10:30pm, and 11:30pm to see when is the low
starting to go down.  This will give you an idea as to when you need to
start decreasing your basal.  Also, when do you have your dinner or last
meal/snack for which you bolus?  maybe it is residual bolus - Just a

This is funny to me b/c when I was first diagnosed with D, I found a
(one) positive of the whole thing.  I could have a bed-time snack
without guilt.  Being very concern about weight-gain and appearance
(some might call this vanity <VBG>), I had been for years in the 'no
eating 2-hrs+ prior to bedtime.'  The first night of being diagnosed, I
had to have my bedtime snack with my bedtime NPH and I looked forward to
my PB&J every night thereafter like it was the best treat in the world
;)  I would make it an hour in advance, toast the bread cut into four
little squares and savor every bite.  

Actually, when I started pumping, that was the only sad/bad thing that I
found in pumping - I did not 'need' my bedtime snack anymore therefore
if I had it (w/ the appropriate bolus), it had the lingering 'you will
gain weight' taste to it ;o)  My better half said I looked like I was
going to choke her when she asked the CDE if I still would need my bed
time snack since the CDE had not account for it in my eating plan for
basal setting.

Hope it goes well and you should feel comfortable calling your CDE/Dr.
if you have any questions/concerns since most of us here are NOT Drs
(nor play them on TV either ;).

Dx'ed 11Feb02, happily pumping since June02 with my MM Paradigm 511
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] setting basals

<snip> Right now I have to have an bedtime snack in order to avoid going
low during the night. I want to stop having this snack. I consistently
have a low at 12:30 or 1:00 am.  <snip>
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