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[IP] Let them eat carbs!

They can label something as "low carb" just by reducing the portion size
on the label.

Watch out for this scam! If you just look at the carbs while comparison
shopping, you may not notice this trick.

The other thing that gets me -- packaged goods where the natural portion
is "one package" but the labeled portion size is a fraction of a package.
For example, Grandma's Cookies from a vending machine -- 60 mg. But the
label says "30 mg". Serving size -- one cookie -- but there's two in the
package. What, you gonna throw the other one away? There's 60 mg carbs in
there you just paid a buck for! How many people carry a zip-loc bag with
them just to put a surplus cookie in?

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The sad thing about so many "sugar free" foods that you find in the
grocery store have just as many carbs in them as their sugared
counterparts. I've proven this so many times by reading the nutrition
labels. It's too bad that so many people buy these products thinking that
they are doing themselves some good, when in fact that's not the case at

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