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Re: [IP] setting basals

Thanks Robert,

 I do test many times a day, sometimes every hour to try to figure out what is
happening and what foods are doing what. Up until now my CDE & endo have been
making the changes. I figure with the holidays coming up, they are empowering me
to make some decisions. I am getting up at least once a night (sometimes more)
which is how I know that I am low if I don't have a snack. I am trying to do a
fasting test to set my night basals but can't get past 1 am. I will start at 3
hours and move backwards until I no longer have that low. I am reducing my basal
by .1 at a time. Don't worry everyone, I email my CDE every other day (twice a
week due to the holidays) with my log book and what I have done (or think I
should do), and any questions, but I am sure that I am studying my numbers a
little longer and harder than they are. They were satisfied with the night time
snack but I am not and told them.
Thanks for your help.
Betsy & Lil' Bit
 PS: I have read Pumping Insulin and that is where I came up with the 3-6 hours
time frame.

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From: "Robert Boyd" <email @ redacted>
> I would lower the basal 3 hours prior to start with - and test test test. 
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