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[IP] Emergency kits

OK, I just got my prescription of Solu-cortef Act-O-Vial properly filled 

So now I'm carrying around three injectibles -- two of them for 

Solu-Cortef 100mg (hydrocortisone sodium succinate)
Insulin (Humalog)

So my question for this assemblage of select geniuses is: How do I 
package, label, etc. all of these things to help ensure that, in an 
emergency, I am injected with the right stuff!

Several factors here.

1) I do not wish to be injected with insulin during an emergency of any 
2) During hypoglycemia, glucagon will probably work better than the 
Solu-Cortef. At least, I think glycolysis is faster than gluconeogensis!
3) During adrenal crisis, or in event of an injury, glucagon is probably 
less than helpful.
4) Maybe, during hypoglycemia, I should get both?
5) In the absence of hypoglycemia, getting both would probably cause my 
glucose to reach new highs!

So what I want is anything that will help any emergency assistence (wife, 
teenager, other):

1) Discover I need an injection.
2) Determine which is the correct injection or injections based on my 
3) Locate the correct injection
4) Properly mix the injectible and draw it up in the proper syringe
5) Deliver it IM.

Assuming, of course, that I'm in no shape to provide any assistence.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?

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