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In a message dated 12/20/2004 11:43:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

Over a person's lifetime, the cost difference between buying a 
glucagon  kit every year, verses every two years, is quite substantial.  
Does  anyone have a reasonable system for finding kits that are fresh 
from the  factory, and will therefore last close to two years?
Thank  you,

I haven't been able to do better than a year and a half.  I ask my  
pharmacist to request the freshest possible when he places the order with his  
 distributor ( I order from CVS). I found out by calling my insurance company
 the Glucagonn is covered under major medical and not pharmacy in my policy, so
I send the receipts in just like a regular claim and they reimburse  me at 
80%.  I only found this out because my old insurance used to cover it  under 
pharmacy along with the insulin, etc. and I had called to ask why it was  not 
covered under my new insurance since it was a life saving necessity.   The 
 explanation was that since it was an injectible device, it could only be
under major medical.  You might try and see if that is an option  for you.  I 
 have to order three kits a year, two for school, per their request and one for
home.  I also donate my expired kits to the school  nurse so she can use them 
for training.
Good luck.
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