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Re: [IP] Deltec Comes Through In A Pinch!

AN> I asked about the advertised "same day" replacement that
AN> Deltec/Smith's mentions in their literature and got a "we don't do
AN> that" reply

I had the same problem the first week I was on my Cozmo (my first
pump.) The keypad locked up. It was early on Saturday morning and I
was headed out of town to my grandfather's funeral. I had no idea what
to do so I called the "help" line.

When I finally got past the, "If your call is important, please remain
on the line," stage, I was told that I could get a replacement the
next day if I stayed home. If I left town I wouldn't be able to get
one until Tuesday even though I live in Toronto, the headquarters of
Smiths Medical Canada.

The woman I spoke to also refused to give me any information about
transitioning back to shots for the weekend, stating that I would have
to call my endo. My endo does not have a weekend call number.

I was not impressed. I hung up the phone, called my pump rep and
within an hour I had a loaner pump. My rep also told me the basics
about going back to shots temporarily and shook her head in dismay
when I told her all that I had been told by the woman on the help

My rep has been consistently great but aside from her, so far I have
found Deltec's customer service to be poor.

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