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[IP] Deltec Comes Through In A Pinch!

Fellow IP'ers:
Thought I'd quickly relate a story about customer service coming through 
in a pinch:

Last Wednesday morning my 9.5 y/o pumper came downstairs for breakfast 
and said the battery on the BG meter portion of his CozMonitor needed 
replacing.  He'd helpfully removed the battery...and lost it.  After 
figuring out that no where on the monitor does it say what kind of 
battery it took, I had him hook up without it and manually input BG's 
like before.

As soon as he gave his bolus, the pump went "stupid" and told us, via an 
annoyingly constant beep that the pump had failed.  I replaced the main 
battery and tried to restart the bolus.  No luck, same failure mode 
after starting the bolus.  So-o-o-o, called Deltec/Smith's customer 
service, who happen to be about 150 miles south of us in the 
Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  Nice lady answered, told us that the pump 
would have to go home and a replacement would be there the next day.  I 
asked about the advertised "same day" replacement that Deltec/Smith's 
mentions in their literature and got a "we don't do that" reply.  What?  
After being notified at 7:15 a.m., with 6 flights a day into our town 
from Minneapolis?  Out of her authority, so she told me she'd transfer 
me to her supervisor...and promptly hung up on me.

A little steamed, I tried to get back in touch and got into "Your call 
is important to us" waiting hell...with Christmas songs!  Finally gave 
up, knew my child had eaten very few carbs and that the partial bolus 
would cover it (and he'd been 85 before eating.  Took 20 minutes to get 
big brother to High School, came home, started the 512 we use as 
"emergency back up" (after a *lot* of help from M-M customer service 
{Thanks M-M!}) and started calling again.  After about 3 calls, got 
through to a supervisor who said that they don't do same day delivery. 
Hmmmm, you talk about it as a possibility, you've even told us about it, 
you even write about it.  So I confirmed with her that they indeed do 
NOT do same day delivery, so I could post it here on the site as, 
essentially "false advertising." (I don't remember using that term, but 
she got the drift)

Oh, did I mention I suggested they send a new monitor portion of the 
pump, just in case the monitor somehow caused the initial fault?  "Oh, 
we don't do that; we trouble shoot one item at a time."  OK, so what if 
the replacement pump fails due to a bad monitor?  How many days does he 
go without a CozMonitor until he does get one?  Doesn't make a whole ot 
of sense to me, BWTHDIK?  I reiterated that this would all be showing up 
on I-P, that this would be the 6th Cozmo in 18 months we'd had (that 
took her aback a bit) and the call ended.  "OK," I remember thinking, 
"we've got the 512, we won't need to do IM, the pump will show up the 
next day and we can hope the monitor doesn't crash it."

20 minutes later the phone rings: It's Smith's, asking if I'll be home 
that afternoon; miracle of miracles, they somehow found a way to get the 
pump 150 miles up the Interstate!  Long and the short of it: Pump 
arrived at 12:30 p.m., and by 3:30 p.m. my son was back on his 
CozMonitor, fully programmed and rocking.

So lessons learned:  A) Given enough "encouragement", people will do the 
right thing.  B) Never, ever underestimate the power of 
insulin-pumpers.org; just the mention of this great place gave someone 
pause to reconsider;  C) Yes, Smith's-Deltec can do same day delivery in 
some circumstances and I thank them for that.

Biggest frustrations: 1) But for the fact that my beloved spouse was out 
of town for the day, I could have flown down to St. Paul in under an 
hour in our own plane and been home before 12:30 p.m.   But that would 
have left my pumper without a parental back-up in case the M-M went 
stupid, too.  2) Why did this have to end up in a fight to get people to 
do what their sales department and field reps say they can do?

But all's well that ends well, so I say "Thanks, Deltec; you did the 
right thing!"

Andrew, Dad to Eric (dx'd 9/25/00, pumping since 5/08/01)
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