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[IP] Gkucagon Emergency Kits - Expiration Date

    I have a question about the expiration dates of Glucagon Emergency 
    My son was diagnosed about a year ago, and the next day we bought 
two kits at the pharmacy.  In the midst of all the chaos surrounding his 
diagnosis, I paid no attention to expiration dates, and was recently 
surprised to notice that the kits will expire in a month.  I called 
Lilly and was told that the kits come out of the factory with an 
expiration date that is two years in the future.  Today, I called 5 
pharmacies, and the best expiration date I could find is 12 months from 
now.  I called Lilly back and asked how one could procure a kit with a 
useful life of two years, and they were no help (suggesting that I call 
more pharmacies). 
    Over a person's lifetime, the cost difference between buying a 
glucagon kit every year, verses every two years, is quite substantial.  
Does anyone have a reasonable system for finding kits that are fresh 
from the factory, and will therefore last close to two years?
    Thank you,
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