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RE: [IP] Monetary support

"Bob Kerns" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Thanks!
> Perhaps there are people on this list who LIKE doing fundraising, who
> could be induced to volunteer? Write grant applications?

We have a volunteer staff of grant writers that have written MANY grant 
proposals. The problem is that WE are middle class (read "well off") 
people that are not perceived to "need" anything. I've spoken to the 
directors of many foundations myself and been told several times that 
they'd like to help, but Insulin Pumpers does not represent "animals", 
"starving children", "abused women", or some kind of research. There is 
no perceived need for what IP does. Financial support has to come from 
those that perceive the need. i.e. the companies that sell product to 
people with diabetes and those people themselves. The threads about how 
little the public understands "our" problems fill a vast portion of our 
archives. You know the problem about diabetes education, heck, even 
many doctors are in the dark.

If you'd like to help with financial support, you are certainly 
welcome. Those of us that have been working on it for years are not 
making much headway, perhaps you can do better. Actions speak louder 
than words. Lots of people have told us how to do it over the years, 
without much effect. The few people that work HARD at raising money for 
Insulin Pumpers have had limited success. Your efforts would be 


> My point to George was not to complain about lack of info, but rather that
> it would encourage people to donate by satisfying their concerns.
> I had wondered about the discrepancy between the cost and the income. Now
> I know where it comes from -- your salary. All I can say is thank you!
> (And when I start drawing a salary, I plan to donate more than the minimal
> amount I have so far).
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> > Excuse me, but I think you're missing the point. People who donate
> > money like to know that their money is being used wisely. For some,
> > this is an absolute requirement.
> >
> All you have to do is ask :-)
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