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Re: [IP] the perfect wife needs the prefect salary

The salary is not a big issue.. as long as we we are living
comofratable.. I do cooking, cleaning, laundry, yardwork and the best
part NO snow!! Here in Texas we don't rightly know what snow is.... well
us in South Texas..... and hey the perfect wife who knows the ins and
outs of diabetes is a great match as would the hubby.... I am still
working on the resume.... LOL


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>Ok, I  too am joining in the bandwagon of WHAT'S THE PAY!!!  Anything  
above >60K is beginning to talk to me.  Medical, dental and
vision  are  mandatory. >I >can do laundry and things, but prefer to
be  the "spoiled  one."  Cook once >in >a while and just be
spoiled!!  Any takers?  I think  my dh has a tough job >ahead of
him  then!  Sheesh..LOL > > > >ok--been out of this conversation but
jumping in now with my .02..not  too >  picky about the salary here--as
long as it is enough to cover the expenses and >live comfortably, I'm
good. insurance is a plus--but not a necessity, we  have >our own. I do
laundry, cooking and cleaning all by my lonesome now so thats >not a
problem either...the big sticking point would be D care...someone who is
>  comfortable with needles and can do the math, thats going to be the
>challenge..lol  oh--and the shoveling!! it is the worst part of
living  in New >England :) > >Amy, mommy to  Alex--7yrs old dx'd 2-20-04
>~pumping w/animas 1200 since  5-3-04 >.
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