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Re: [IP] Monetary support

> Actually, yes, it did.  I ran a list and web site support for K9
> police officers and we had members all over the world.  We easily
> topped the IP list bandwidth, at one point for several years every K9
> police officer in the world was a member of our list.  Okay, maybe we
> missed a few, but it wasn't many.
> Here's what I found ...
> By renting a server, I didn't have to maintain the hardware.  Right
> now, we're without our main server right?   If you rent from one of
> the server farms, THEY swap the data over to a different computer and
> you aren't bothered by the hardware issues.  You also aren't bothered
> by power issues and other issues related to the maintenance of the
> server.
> Moving to a server farm took a huge load of worries off of me, in
> addition to saving money.
> I will grant you that running a mailing list the size of this one
> generates a huge amount of bandwidth.  And that it is difficult for
> the server farm to tell the difference from the IP list from your
> ordinary spammer.  That's one reason I know longer maintain mailling
> lists -- and I've been out of the K9 police list business for a few
> years.
> However, if you are upfront with the person you are leasing from and
> you know what kind of load you are running, you can find something
> that will work out.

My job is available if you want it. It has become more of a burden than 
a joy over the years.

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