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[IP] Testing or Relying on By Guess or by Golly!

Yeah, you're right!  Sorry!  The times when I've tested and thought my 
husband would be high and he was low are the scariest.  What if I had 
bolussed without testing. (Yeah, that's what I meant to say!)

Yeah, you have a lot of experience with the no blood glucose testing as I 
do.  I think every day, "What if there were no alternate-site glucose meters 
and my husband's hypoglycemic unawareness were as pronounced as it is 
presently.  Where would I be?  And where would he be?"

We were never taught carb counting or covering anything.  Just 2 shots a 
day: one in the morning and one at night!  The doctor said nothing when my 
husband asked him if that should be 12 hours later so that's what he did.  
His second doctor who replaced the first seems to have spent no time 
thinking about what she should do with a type 1 diabetic with no hands and 
'modern diabetes control programmes' and the research to back them up.

Now, that we have my husband on a insulin pump and a glucose meter, the new 
modern endo seems to know what to do--I mean now he's a joe blow type 1 
diabetic, very similar issues to every other type 1 diabetic.

Since when did doctors have to have an imaginationj and creativity treatment 
protocols?  Only in business and the arts community is imagination and 
creativity rewarded. . .

On the other hand so to speak, somebody must have perceived a need for a 
fairly accurate reader of bgs and voila!  the blood glucose meter.

And someone must have realized that shots were ridiculous and voila!  the 
insulin pump!

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