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[IP] Latest Endo Visit

Hello, long time no posting but thought you may laugh a little with me.

I just went to my endo last week and have been vindicated or so I say ;)
My TSH came higher, in the outer edge of the normal range.  My endo said
she wants me in the 2s (middle of the range) and that the side effects
should be manageable: higher heart rate and slight tendency to loose
weight (since your metabolisms gets a boost) - I was taking 75mcg and
have been upped to 100mcg.  

It was funny since my eyes lid-up and I was all ears when she read the
TSH number ;o)  I know what the symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism are
and actually almost guessed that my TSH would come slightly higher b/c I
have been 'freezing to the bone' which is how I used to describe the
symptom (of cold intolerance) right before diagnosis.

So now I say that all the weight gain (and difficulty loosing it ;) was
**not** due to all the cookies, pies, ice-creams, snacks, and just too
large servings of healthy food combined with sporadic (to non-existing)
weekly exercise - No, it was all due to my hypothyroidism!!!!  I know
this is not true, but it was a funny topic of conversation at work where
now, everyone wants some Levoxyl pills to help them boost their
metabolism ;o) and I jokingly said I would sell the pills for cookies!

All my other results came in great!!! - (A1Cs  although good (<6) my
personal goal is low 5s with little hypos but I am truly happy with it
(considering time of year and stress levels - I will try some diff stuff
for the next quarter like the 'super bolus' that I am implementing now
but not 100%), 24hr Urine Test great, liver and kidney functions great,
etc.)  The only thing that was off was my TSH which I was hoping by now,
almost three years after diagnosis it would be perfectly under control.

As always, I am sure a lot of you are in this boat, the holidays are
great time for everyone that knows you are diabetic to comment on how
you should not be eating anything 'they' consider 'sweet' and should not
drink wine either (since it has 'too much sugar').  Oh well - I keep
telling them the main reason for me not to eat these foods is the same
as theirs, to not gain weight, but they look at me like I am just in
denial - Oh- well.

Have a great holiday season everyone.
Eloisa (dx'ed feb 11, 2002  and happily pumping since June '02 with MM's
511 Paradigm)
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