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RE: [IP] sharing a meter

> I just found out from my son that one of his 
> Teachers who is diabetic "borrowed "his meter 
> one day to check his blood sugar....... Do I  
> need to toss that meter? It is a one- touch....
> I found out that the meter for Phys. Ed. 
> had been kept in the refrigerator all this time....
> Does anyone know if these strips are now useless? 
> How about the meter? 

Hi Alida, My 2 cents.  Since this was a ONE-touch and blood can transfer to
the meter on this model, I would toss it (Medical waste).  If it had been
something like an Ultra that blood never touches the meter (only the strip)
I would have probably continued to use it.  As long as your strips were
contained in the original container (The sealed one with desiccant) "AFTER"
they warm up, they should be fine.  Same for your meter, I would expect it
to work fine after it warms to normal operating temperatures.  But this is a
poor practice.  The need for a meter is to get a reading right away.  A
refrigerated meter would either not work (Error code) or give an inaccurate
reading if used directly out of the ice box.  And you would not want to wait
for it to warm up before you used it.

Type II Pumping 12/03 MM512
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