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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemic unawareness!

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 02:48:21 EST, you wrote:

>>My current doc will write me scripts for 300 strips, but any I have had in
>>the past have refused.  Telling them I need to test a zillion times before,
 >>during and after driving only brought a "Well then, you shouldn't be
 >>response. I have always had a hard time getting any of our insurances to pay
>>for that many strips as well.   Most have had a 120 strip per month limit.
>>Strip #121 and above were out of my pocket.   Trying to "be good" hasn't been
>>supported by those supposedly caring for me.
>>~ Michelle ~
>>Sequim, WA


If you find trouble finding a doc who knows what he or she is doing, you might
consider driving a bit further for care, and coming down to Virginia Mason
clinic here in Seattle.  The docs here DO understand what they're doing.  I've
never had any quibbles about how many strips I need, nor any trouble getting
approved for a pump, or the like.   Good people, living in the present, not in
some of the archaic notions of diabetic care that should have been left behind
long ago...  The Benaroya research institute here at Virginia Mason is on the
forefront of diabetes research, and the docs are well up on current practices,
including intensive therapies.   James Benson is the doctor I see,  and highly
respect, but so far as I've seen, the whole department is top notch too.


Peter Rowe
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