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Re: [IP] Animas IR1200 clip ideas?

 cozmo is not in production with a new clip or pouch. They are still gathering
data on their website from suggestions from us (who actually do use the pump). I
also know that many of the people working at Cozmo use the pump and are taking
suggestions and trying out many things.
Nothing is done yet.

Robert Boyd <email @ redacted> wrote:
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WOW - Give us what we WANT or LIKE ! Can you make money doing that !
I have to say that I NEVER used the MM507 or 508 clips - there was basically 
the same pump housing. I bought a series of cases, some of which I like more 
then others. Now when I got my 712/715 recently I LOVED the holster that 
came with it. One of the reasons I like it is because I found the pump fits 
in BACKWARDS, I am not sure they planned or expected that ! I don't like 
the little clip that came with the pump - too much like the 508 clip but a 
bit smaller and thinner. I don't like wearing my pump with the face exposed 
because I don't want to scratch it.
So with my new 715 I have bought a clip n go ( I love these ) and I have the 
holster, I also bought a pouch with strap for sleeping it. At this point I 
think I have what I want. My point is I am sure there are a lot of people 
that DON'T like the holster, MM is betting these people WILL like the clip. 
For those that DON'T like the clip MM is hoping they WILL like the holster. 
I think it was nice of them to include two options with this pump - that's 
one more then with the 507 or 508 - How many options does Animus and Cozmo 
give you ?
Now if they would ship the pump with a couple of clip n go's, a waist-it ( 
large for ME ) and maybe a Pumping T-shirt then I would be REALLY happy :-)

Robert B

> What the heck is with the clip thing for our pumps? First it was the Cozmo
> now the Animas do these companies's ever try these things out with real
> people or on computer simulations. We heard back from one person on the
> Cozmo trial who said that they were already in production when she sent in
> her feed back that addressed all the problems people did not like later.I
> wish the companies would slow down a little and give us what we want not
> what they think will get by.
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