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RE: [IP] Hypoglycemic unawareness!

Driving may be a privilege, but, in this country, and in this province. some
healthcare services are covered by the public purse.  Unfortunately, blood
sugar monitoring isn't one of those covered services.

I find that hard to believe that if you have hypo unawareness, you can't get
covered for blood sugar monitoring.  That is completely scary for him to be
driving w/o being able to check his b.g.'s...

I check all the time while I'm out driving for fear my b.g. will drop and
sometimes I'm not aware of it until my vision starts going or I get out of
the car and stand up.  Not a good situation at all!

Can't doctors write a prescription for test strips because of this?  That's
how I get 300 strips every three months.

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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