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[IP] Hypoglycemic unawareness!

Get this message:  If you have hypoglycemic unawareness, you are completely 
oblivious to the fact that your blood sugars are too low and you are about 
to lose conciousness!

I have seen my husband go from being in the conversation to falling silent 
and then, almost be unconcious.

I stood up on that occasion and fished in my purse for some lifesavers and 
popped them into his mouth one by one like his mouth was a piggy bank's 
slot.  In a matter of a minute or so, he was coming round.

On other occasions (pre-pump days) when I wasn't there, of course, he just 
passed out and was trucked off to the ER.

Driving may be a privilege, but, in this country, and in this province. some 
healthcare services are covered by the public purse.  Unfortunately, blood 
sugar monitoring isn't one of those covered services.  .

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