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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #603

I am one of the quiet MM users...haven't written 'cause no prfoblems.  I 
 chose my MM712 as saw an ad in insulin mag. and a man on line told me how great
they are.I go to a large diabetic clinic and was asked why I wanted one.  Why? 
Start with 5/6 needles for 30 years.They started me on the same amount as 
before, nothing more.
So I learned here at IP and there's been many IP talks about all kinds of 
Also, little generic tips like tucking machine into bras...works great for 

I do think Medatronic step up to the plate and donate to the cause.  They can 
write it off as advertisement expense or as a donation.  It is good for them 
and their company to give and I feel certain that they will next year.

Lastly, please people, quit crabbing about having diabetes we hear you and 
 about it, too. There is no stopping the disease so let's be happy and consider
it just a little side step on our path through life.  Karen
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