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Re: [IP] Clinical ContinuousGlucose Monitoring meeting April 15th

At 8:36 PM -0600 12/18/04, drz wrote:
>The diabetes technology society is sponsoring this meeting on 
>operating continuous BG monitors, interpreting continuous BG data, 
>preventing hypoglycemia, linking BG data and insulin dosage with 
>customized algorithms, incretin therapy and inhaled insulin.
>Anyone here plan to attend this meeting?  Just wondering how close 
>they are to having some practical continuous BG monitors to hook up 
>to our pumps.   Any thoughts or info on this? drz
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Do you mean the meeting in San Francisco?  Here's a Link to it:


Personally I feel that we are still many years away from such a 
scenario.  A product might become available outside of the US, but I 
doubt the FDA would approve a system based on interstitial fluid 
measurements.  To see where we are with the sensor technologies, go 
to the I-P web page Link:


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