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Re: [IP] Follow up to a question I asked

Below is my original post on bolusing for highs and a follow up question of 
 when I would resort to an injection. I never have. There was only one time when
I had a bad bad site and stress that could have felled an elephant and went 
"HI" on my meter. Was on the phone with my doc and if I didn't start coming 
 down he wanted me at the ER for some insulin in the vein. But it started coming
 down and all was well. I haven't taken an insulin injection since May 25th 2000
when I went live with my pump. If I went oh say 5 or 6 hours without being 
able to begin to see progress in bringing down BG's I might consider an 

Linda & Dax

n a message dated 12/18/04 7:14:14 PM Mountain Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Linda &Dax
> email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted>
> wrote:
> When I have a bad high I will do my correction bolus...I then will check in 
> an hour just to make sure that the direction the BG's are going has changed. 
> I 
> don't necessarily expect any great changes but I want to see that it is now 
> going down, rather than up. If it is - fine - wait check again in an hour - 
> so 
> now it would be two hours post bolus - if it is still much higher than I 
> would 
> calculate the IOB and if additional insulin were needed I would take some - 
> would also consider a snack at this point as well. 
> Now say if I was still going up - then I would change the set and take a 
>  bolus of 1/2 what I would normally - I go on the presumption that at least
> insulin MIGHT have reached me and I don't want to over do. Then same thing -
> one
> hour, two and so forth till the Bg's are indeed back in range.
> Linda &Dax
> email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted>
> drz comments:
> At what point do you consider or try manual injection. I seldom have the 
> above scenarios but when I have
> had them I try an injection by needle instead of second bolus to check 
> on whether
> the insulin is getting in before I change the site.
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