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[IP] Re: Animas IR1200 clip ideas

A. Wesner Wrote:
Yesterday I received my new pump (upgraded from a MM 508 to the Animas  
1200).  I didn't expect the clip-on case to feel quite as cumbersome as  
it does.  On my 508, I only used the clip on the pump, without a case.  
Does anyone have any suggestions for clip alternatives?


After more than 24hrs with the 1200 and the swivel case, i think I've  
better idea of my awkwardness with the my case.  The actual clip is in  
the center of the case.  Because of this the whole pump (in case)  
sticks up much higher on my waistband.  With my 508 clip, the pump sat  
lower on my waist band which is the issue right now.I guess I just have  
to get used to this, but as a 31 year old in a world of low waist pants  
and jeans, this is awkward feeling for me.

Ricardo Responds:
Definitely a YMMV issue.

I also did not like the case solutions that Animas sent with the IR  
1000 or the IR 1200. I have chosen to use a horizontal cell phone case  
made for the Sony Ericsson. I wore this case with both Animas pumps so  
I know it fits both. This case acts like a small pouch to hold the  
pump. The inside dimensions of the case are only slightly larger than  
the pumps so it is easy to take the pump out and put it back in. It has  
a belt clip that loops over your belt without having to squeeze the  
clip and it allows the top of the case to sit almost even with the top  
of your belt so it should work with your low rider jeans.

Some IP Animas owners have complained that the face of their pump  
starts to chip. The inside of this case is felt lined and acts to  
protect the pump. I have had my IR 1200 almost 6 months and it looks  
like it did the day I got it. The case does close with velcro but it  
has held up for me for almost a year now. Externally it has a soft  
leather finish so it fits with casual as well as formal wear. At night  
I clip it to the waist band of my underwear or pajamas.

You can pass your tubing through the ends of the case which allows it  
to show. I customized the case by punching a hole in the back of the  
case for my pump tubing to pass through. This completely hides the  
tubing from view and no one asks me about the pump.

The case is labeled at CompUSA as
Classic Leather Case for Ericsson T610, 300 Phones
Manufacturer: Brightpoint
Mfg Part #: ODPY901384S
Product Number: 308429

CompUSA sells the case for $24.99. You can see it at this link.


Dx'd 1967, Pumping since 1/14/2004 w/ Animas IR1000 and since 7/2/2004  
w/ the Animas IR1200
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