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[IP] MM problems

I have been having some problems with MiniMed.

1.  I have had my pump for over a year now and have yet received a bill for 
supplies.  I have already called them and told them that if the billing 
problems are not resolved I will not pay for supplies which are not billed 
to me within a reasonable time frame.  (I gave them 2 years from order time 
which I think is more than enough.)

2.  I ordered some supplies before Thanksgiving and I have yet received 
them.  I have called them 2 times since then and on the first  time I left 
my name and number and they still have not called me back.  On the second 
time they said they would call be back ASAP and that has been almost a 
week.  He did send me some "sample packs" to help hold me over until the 
supplies came but for some reason they sent the wrong things so half the 
stuff is not even made for my pump.  I am almost to the point where I am 
going to tell them to take this pump and shove it..  But time will tell.

3. the last thing that upset me is when I ordered the pump they stated the 
active insulin was set at 8 hours.  When I called them and asked if this 
can be changed they said "That is the information we got from the insulin 
makers and we will not change that time frame and have no plans on doing 
so"  and now by golly they came out with the new pump which for a 
"reasonable" price allow me to change the settings.  and on top of that 
they said "we NEVER said it was set at 8 hours its always been 6 hours".

Those are the only problems I have had with them.

Brian Carter
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