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Re: [IP] strange experience with MM (Michele)

 I am in the same boat as you. However, I have not had any problems with
minimed. My problems have been with my doctor's office. I've been arguing with
them for over a month now trying to get them to sign my letter of medical
necessity. (Long story!) I encourage you to ask for a supervisor at at Minimed
and tell them your concerns. I had three people working with me to get my pump.
One of the mini med reps even went to my doctor's office, which is an hour away
for me, to get them to speed up the process. I couldn't believe how helpful they
 I really hope you get everything sorted out. I've been with minimed for about 5
years now and I've never had a problem. I'm sure if you let a supervisor know
what is going on they would take care of it. Good luck!!! Oh yea, my new 715
should be coming Wednesday!

Michele Lauth <email @ redacted> wrote:
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Hi there, 

I am trying to get my first pump with MM and so far my
experience with them has been really strange. 

First, the rep was suppose to met me at my house on
Monday and she forgot. I called at 11 am, the time of
our appointment, and she said, "Oh, our appointment
was blocked by my conference today". So we never met.
She just said that she was only showing me the pump,
no explaining to me how it works, but if I really want
to met her, she will come over. 

Secondly, I have been talking with the insurance
specialist about getting the pump. I called her on
Monday and she told me to fax something over, so I did
and now I can not get ahold of her. I called Tuesday
and Wednesday, I left messages, but no call back. 

I (think) I am in process of getting the pump, but I
have never seen the pump in person and I don't even
know which one I am getting. 

Does this sound really weird to anyone else? One
problem I have is that I need to get the pump before
the year ends because I am changing insurances because
I moved to a different state and I can get the pump
for a lot less with my current insurance. 

Michele (Type 1 since 01/2003) 

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