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Re: [IP] Monetary support

Actually we did mail out a monthly newsletter, certification
certificates, training packets, and other documents.  In addition, I
was on call 24/7 to handle training and legal issues and did
para-legal work.  And no one on staff was compensated (except one but
we didn't know it , but that's why the organization is no longer in

Even if the organization still needs office space, maintaining
hardware is much more expensive and time consuming than renting.

But right now, all I'm proposing that investigating renting versus
owning server space and bandwidth.

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 21:13:10 -0600, George <email @ redacted> wrote:
> At 8:57 PM -0600 12/17/04, George wrote:
> >>I have a couple of questions that bother me ... why does the IP list
> >>run on it's own server in it's own building?  That's pretty expensive
> >>when there are plenty of server spaces to rent.  I know, I went from
> >>seperate server and building to renting service space and saved a
> >>bundle.
> >>.
> >Did your server have over 4,600 subscribers?   Did you have separate
> >Mailing Lists in Canada,  England, Scandinavia, Germany and
> >Australia/New Zealand?   What was your total monthly bandwidth?
> >Can you compare an apple to a watermelon?
> And it is not a building but rather an office space.   Does your
> server space send out mail for you?  Does it store and ship excess
> infusion sets and other diabetic supplies?   Does it perform calls to
> coordinate with the service organizations to provide insulin pumps to
> disadvantaged children?   Does it perform the changes and additions
> to the web pages?     ;>)   And does it do this no matter if the
> person doing it is paid or not?    :>o

Kathleen Weaver
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