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Re: [IP] Monetary support

At 06:19 PM 12/17/04 -0500, you wrote:
 >Here's where I need your help...
 >I can't seem to find the IP page that explains how donations are actually
 >used.  For instance, JDRF as a 501(c)(3) publishes its annual IRS form 990
 >---> http://tinyurl.com/4rwxv  990s are only required if a tax-exempt corp
 >income is > $25,000.
 >Perhaps if this information were available from IP it might inspire list
 >members and corporations to donate when they/I otherwise would not.  If it
 >is available and I just missed it, mea coulpa.

This information is available to anyone from the IRS.  FYI, Michael posted 
the info in August of 2001 for the previous fiscal year.  Here it is:

Since you asked, the fiscal year is over and the books will shortly be 
closed. As with ANY 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the information is 
public and may be obtained from the IRS.

Insulin Pumpers Fiscal year ending 6-31-01

The numbers are preliminary, but very close. There is still the month of 
June to reconcile with the bank statement so there may be adjustments of a 
few dollars + or -

Donations 34,799.02
Commissions 545.94 (Amazon.com)
Interest 578.34
Total Revenues 35923.30

General & Office Expense 14180.25
Rent/Lease 12006.00
Salaries 4800.00
Utilities 3712.82
Merchant Card Services 603.92
Travel 431.80
Payroll Taxes 410.40
Total Expenses 36145.19

Net for the year <221.89>

Note: Just in case you're not that familiar with reading a balance sheet, 
the net for the year is negative 221.89.
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