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Re: [IP] Monetary support

At 6:19 PM -0500 12/17/04, Brian Wohlwinder wrote:
>Here's where I need your help...   
>I can't seem to find the IP page that explains how donations are actually
>used.  For instance, JDRF as a 501(c)(3) publishes its annual IRS form 990
>---> http://tinyurl.com/4rwxv  990s are only required if a tax-exempt corp
>income is > $25,000.
>Perhaps if this information were available from IP it might inspire list
>members and corporations to donate when they/I otherwise would not.  If it
>is available and I just missed it, mea coulpa.

Excuse me, but why?  It has NEVER inspired anyone before, why should 
it now?   Hate to be so negative about this, but what is the point? 
Do you think that someone with great business acumen would be able to 
wave a magic wand and have money appear?   It hasn't happened before.

So you want inspiration?   How many of the stories have you read from here?
I don't expect a sponsor to read about all 836 kids listed here.  I 
just want them to care about the kids that haven't gotten pumps yet! 
I want them to help make this website available to anyone!

We need action on the part of the past Corporate sponsors.   We also 
need action on the part of the Meter companies.   We need action on 
the part of the Lilly Company.   Those are the ones who gain from our 
business.   They are the ones that need to respond to OUR needs and 
the unknowing diabetics needs!   It is time to tell them:     SHOW me 
the MONEY!!!

George    :>)
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