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[IP] Do you love your pump/MM thread

Kathy wrote:From: Kathy Caldwell <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Do you love your pump?

I have a mm 508 pump but would like to change over to
a para. pump do you think minimed would do this, I
know you can upgrade with the same brand for a fee,
but I didn't know if they would let you change brands.
Thanks, Kathy
- --- drz <email @ redacted> wrote:

Sharon Replied: I think MM is a good company and is the only company I have
dealt with since pumping. I have had some frustration with upgrades over the
years. I originally had a 507C and bought the second pump via insurance the
first paradigm -511, I upgraded to the 512 paying top price because I didn't
wait until they were on sale. I complained to them and they wouldn't give me
the sale price like Kmart or Walmart-If you buy things at regular price and it
goes on sale, you can get the sale price. MM wouldn't fall for that even after
my tenacious moments of arguing. I do feel like I do have the right pump for
myself. I have had very few pump problems, minor and less frequent infusion
set problems.
My major complaint as expressed in the last survey sent forth by the IP was a
problem with packaging. I would like to see a few extra site/cannula sets all
by their self in the package or 2 extra sets in the box per month. I tend to
run short causing me to stretch a set or two every month or so because of an
occlusion or sore site. My supplier of supplies told me that these changes are
coming down the pike but I haven't seen them yet. The next step is to have my
doctor prescribe an extra set per month but then I will have too much per
month and heaven forbid, cause extra cost to my insurance company and our
pooled insurance policy at my agency. If you don't complain or suggest, things
don't happen. It seems more logical to give me a few extra sets in my box
rather than give me two boxes of infusion sets per month. Hopefully they will
listen this time! I know that insurance is a beaurocracy and probably MM is
playing the game like every company out there to satisfy the insurance
companies. MM does do good listening to suggestions, sometimes it is a little
slow but I know they are making changes to make like easier in the medical
field of diabetes and heart patients. Can't please everybody all the time.
Sharon B and Buckwheat who may wait for a better upgrade sale after the new
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