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Re: [IP] Where is Medtronic Support for Your IP??

At 2:01 PM -0500 12/17/04, email @ redacted wrote:
>     Having MM pumpers write the company has no
>meaning when so many MM employees are members of and monitor this site and
>read what is inhospitible to the company.

This site welcomes all pump representatives.  If only 14 Medtronic 
and Minimed employees have chosen to join, then that is not because 
I-P is inhospitable.  Ask the hundreds of other MM reps why they have 
not joined?   I don't know, but it is NOT because IP is "inhospitable"

>The real money it would cost Ford or Chevy to run an ad in the import mag I
>worked for would not cost any more than what is expected from MM here "to keep
>up with the others."   A negetive environment is a negetive environment, no
>matter what the cost.

We are talking about a limit of $5,000, less than the cost of one 
pump.  And how that compares with your ad rates is not an issue.  And 
this support is not intended to "to keep (MM) up with the others." 
It is to provide this website to the millions of people worldwide who 
have NOT discovered the benefits of Pumping Insulin.  It is to save 
lives and "rebuild" new ones!  It is not competition!!!

But I do take exception with the statement about "negative 
environment".  IP is NOT a negative environment.  Sure there will be 
complaints about MM products just as there are complaints about the 
other companies.  Matter of fact, there were at least 3 separate 
complaints about Animas or Deltec yesterday, one of them being yours! 
But do you hear me complaining about your complaining??  NO, I am 
only complaining that Medtronic is not supporting I-P  -  Fact!!!

>I doubt if anyone of the Insulin Pumpers list has been "introduced" to a
>MiniMed pump via this forum.

BULL!!!   How can you make that statement?   Have you been on the 
Lists since 1967?  Have you read all of the posts of the 14,482 
families who have been members here?  I have read every one since 
Feb. of 98 and I HAVE seen this occur.   I KNOW it happens.

>And you know what?   Toilet paper IS in their budget.

And so was Insulin Pumpers.  WHY isn't it NOW is my question??  It 
should be your question also.

>  >Don't make excuses, we don't need that!  What we need is action and
>>until we get that you will continue to hear me saying
>>Show me the Money!!!        ;>)
>Make excuses?!   I have donated $50 in the past 6 months to this forum, even
>though my husband was unemployed for the majority of the year and we have no
>health insurance.   Don't preach to me about making excuses.

Pardon me, excuses for Medtronic dropping the financial support that 
Minimed has ALWAYS paid to Insulin Pumpers in the past is what I 
meant.  I know times are tough on everyone (individually, the 
Corporations are NOT included in this)   I have tough times myself. 
BUT, making excuses for Medtronic not supporting IP is not what I 

Show me the MONEY!!!!

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