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Re: [IP] Do you love your pump?

I have a mm 508 pump but would like to change over to
a para. pump do you think minimed would do this, I
know you can upgrade with the same brand for a fee,
but I didn't know if they would let you change brands.
Thanks, Kathy
--- drz <email @ redacted> wrote:

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> Tammy 
>   Mom to Shannon, 7 in 8 more days, dx'd at 13
> months, pumping MM508 since
> 3/01--
>  but got the new 515 about 5 minutes ago!!!!!!
> YIPPEE!!!!! Can't wait to hook
> her
> up! wrote:
> I have never had
> anything but positive expericences with them. I do
> think it really is a YMMV
> type of thing. I kind of think its like religion and
> politics! People are
> passionate about their pumps and their pump
> companies. And as well they should
> be. It is a part of your life that gives you
> freedoms that you don't have on
> MDI. And just like everything in life, things are
> different for each person. I
>  have a friend who had an awful time with MM and
> loves Deltec. Another friend
> who
>  doesn't like Deltec or MM and loves Animas. Isn't
> it great that we have
> choices.
> To think there used to be only one pump and you had
> to wear it on your back
> drz comments:
> I think there is research that shows your attitude
> toward your pump 
> influences it effectiveness.
> When shopping for a new pump I too think it is
> important to hold and 
> handle your pump to see
>  if it sings to you or talks to you so you can tell
> how you feel about 
> carrying it around for the next
>  few years.  That is part of the reason they
> encourage us to name our 
> pump and bond with it. 
> If you resent it as an unwelcomed intruder that you
> have to take with 
> you all the time,  I don't think
>  you will do as well with it.  If you like it and
> appreciate it and the 
> freedom it can give you, I think
> you will generally do better with it.  It helps to
> have confidence in 
> your pump and the back up support,
> I think we then feel more comfortable which lowers
> our stress level. 
> I know stress has an adverse affect on my BG levels.
>  drz
> .
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