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Re: [IP] Where is Medtronic Support for Your IP??

>>Considering the number of MM pumpers on this list, it amazes me that most

>I too am amazed!   Where is the support for this forum?  I read
>Robert Boyd's Reply where he said he would write to MM and ask for
>their contribution.  Where is everyone else?????

My comment was taken out of the context in which is was written.   (And I
thought that only happened at election time.)   What I said was that with all
MM pumpers, I don't understand how the MM bashing is so prevelent here.   Why
aren't more MM pumpers supporting their pump on this forum instead of sitting
silent?   In the past 24 hours I have read more praises of MM or their pumps
than I have read in one day.   Having MM pumpers write the company has no
meaning when so many MM employees are members of and monitor this site and
what is inhospitible to the company.

>>they will do so.   As I have mentioned before, when I sold car magazine
>>advertising, no domestic manufacturers advertised because our magazine was
>> import car publication and the climate wouldnt have been favorable for

>But in your case you are talking about REAL money.  What we are
>talking about is chump change in comparison.  It is a mere pittance
>and they have not given the members here even that.  Remember there
>are at least 3200 of you MM users in this forum.  Write, write,
>write!!!   Robert Boyd is!!!

The real money it would cost Ford or Chevy to run an ad in the import mag I
worked for would not cost any more than what is expected from MM here "to keep
up with the others."   A negetive environment is a negetive environment, no
matter what the cost.

>>Companies advertise where they feel the will reap the most benefit and a
>>negetive environment towards their products is not the best use of their

>Best use of money?   You mean solving difficulties before a user even
>has to call Customer Service is not a good use of money???   You mean
>introducing your product to potential customers and having people
>talk how wonderful it has made their lives is not a good use of
>money??  Is I-P worth so little to the members here that asking
>Medtronic for a small chunk of change not worth it?

I doubt if anyone of the Insulin Pumpers list has been "introduced" to a
MiniMed pump via this forum.   And in shopping for a new pump, I wouldn't buy
pump from a particular company because they advertised or didn't in any
particular place.   The features and benefits of the pump, and the follow
through from
the company when I inquire is what guides my purchasing.

>>fiscal year, so just because you ask for money now, doesn't mean it is in
>>budget tomorrow.

>There is probably a bigger budget for toilet paper at Medtronic than
>what we are talking about here.  And to me, what
>www.Insulin-Pumpers.org contributes to the well being of the diabetic
>population has a lot more meaning than that!

And you know what?   Toilet paper IS in their budget.   Every expenditure
from a corporation is budgeted.   When "zillions" of diabetes-related groups a
year ask for sponsorship of something - a website, forum, summer picnic, camp
scholorships... or whatever, it is budgeted in whatever department that
sets those kinds of requests.   They don't just randomly whip out the
checkbook because a request is less than they pay for toilet paper if funds
have not
been allocated in the budget for it.

>>My 2 cents that I have given before, but the same questions keep coming
>>up, so I drag out the same answers.

>Don't make excuses, we don't need that!  What we need is action and
>until we get that you will continue to hear me saying

>Show me the Money!!!        ;>)

Make excuses?!   I have donated $50 in the past 6 months to this forum, even
though my husband was unemployed for the majority of the year and we have no
health insurance.   Don't preach to me about making excuses.

~ Michelle ~
Sequim, WA
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