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[IP] Do you love your pump?

  Mom to Shannon, 7 in 8 more days, dx'd at 13 months, pumping MM508 since
 but got the new 515 about 5 minutes ago!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! Can't wait to hook
up! wrote:

I have never had
anything but positive expericences with them. I do think it really is a YMMV
type of thing. I kind of think its like religion and politics! People are
passionate about their pumps and their pump companies. And as well they should
be. It is a part of your life that gives you freedoms that you don't have on
MDI. And just like everything in life, things are different for each person. I
 have a friend who had an awful time with MM and loves Deltec. Another friend
 doesn't like Deltec or MM and loves Animas. Isn't it great that we have
To think there used to be only one pump and you had to wear it on your back

drz comments:

I think there is research that shows your attitude toward your pump 
influences it effectiveness.
When shopping for a new pump I too think it is important to hold and 
handle your pump to see
 if it sings to you or talks to you so you can tell how you feel about 
carrying it around for the next
 few years.  That is part of the reason they encourage us to name our 
pump and bond with it. 
If you resent it as an unwelcomed intruder that you have to take with 
you all the time,  I don't think
 you will do as well with it.  If you like it and appreciate it and the 
freedom it can give you, I think
you will generally do better with it.  It helps to have confidence in 
your pump and the back up support,
I think we then feel more comfortable which lowers our stress level. 
I know stress has an adverse affect on my BG levels.  drz
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